The Guest

The Guest

By Adam Wingard

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Release Date: 2014-09-17
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 40min
  • Director: Adam Wingard
  • Production Company: HanWay Films
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 4.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 1,883 Ratings


From the creators of You’re Next comes The Guest, a pulse-pounding thriller starring Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) and Maika Monroe (Labor Day). Recently discharged from the Army, David Collins (Stevens) unexpectedly shows up on the Petersons’ doorstep, claiming to be their late son’s best friend. Welcomed into their home, the well-mannered stranger becomes part of the family until a shocking wave of violence raises daughter Anna’s (Monroe) suspicions that the mysterious ex-soldier is not quite what he seems. Smart and suspenseful, The Guest is an action-packed blast that critics are calling “impossibly cool.” (Samuel Zimmerman, Fangoria).




  • I hated the end

    By Seed of God
    I am tired of thes very unrealistic movies. That's my personal opinion.
  • Best Thriller of all time!

    By Anthoni
    Dan Stevens is menacing as “The Guest”. You will love every minute of it!
  • Finally back on U.S. iTunes!

    By Jawsh09
    I’ve been waiting all year for this to come back to U.S. iTunes. Such a great movie that I wish I would have been able to rent/buy for Halloween.
  • Predictable and Lost my attention

    By DC 333
    Wow Dan Stevens, from Downton Abby to this? What a fall from grace! This movie looks like it has a chance to be a good movie when you watch the trailer, but in the end this movie falls completely flat. If you are a 14yr old girl and don’t mind watching this handsome blonde tear-up the town in a B-Rate horror movie, go for it! Everyone else stay away. David Collins has a great stoic / cool attitude going in which creates mystery, but the longer this movie goes, his character becomes less and less believable, to down-right stupid. The writers really dropped the ball with its chances to create suspenseful moments, and every time the plot chooses the easy “kill everyone” approach, despite how unbelievable this became as you keep watching. Really? 10 SWAT troopers in full combat and automatic weapons can’t pin this guy down for capture? Oops forgot the teargas! RIDICULOUS. Really? He drives the car head-on with another going 50mph and walks away?? Stupid.... and this was a needless act as the character could have easily stopped, waved down the “Dad” character and stolen his car... instead he runs away, injured, into miles of cornfield. In the end, this becomes more and more low-budget to the point of looking like a gory made-for-tv movie. Dan Stevens, sorry dude, you need a better manager!
  • Entertaining

    By DirkBizmer
    Overall, I found this film to be entertaining. I might have imagined a vastly different ending for it. The big conspiracy aspect was not fully formed. I felt that some of the acting ws subpar.
  • Horrible

    Acting: horrible. Plot: horrible and incomplete.
  • Fun Throw Back to the 80s

    By meldropper130
    I love Dan Stevens and this film proves what a diverse actor he is. You may not recognize him from Downton Abbey days. Nevertheless, he completely transforms himself into an all American, blonde haired-blue eyed, boy next door with a killer body and charm. The story is a sort of Jason Bourne meets Jason from Halloween movie. Loved it! Great story with a fun twist.
  • Cut-rate Nicolas Winding Refn?

    By adlervan
    The strange 80s-esque synth music throughout and the use of color in the climactic end sequence made me think of the title of this review. Anyway, this was a strange movie. Started interestingly but then a shadowy military contracted corporation conspiracy thing was introduced and I was like "oh nooooo, don't do it". But that's where they went with the story, sadly. Commence a hail of bullets. Then devolve into schlocky horror. They explained David's character motivation with some very sketchy, far-fetched "medical experiment" - he was "programmed" to behave the way he did, I see! It just falls apart as it goes on. BUT. BUT! Dan Stevens is very good as a weirdo, very compelling to watch, and very hot. So there's that.
  • First 40 minutes were good (not great)

    By Lpweis
    And from then on it's downhill. I wanted to like this movie but after the first half it went from bad to worse. Rotten Tomatoes really let us down.
  • everything about this movie is AMAZING

    By Ayshaaaah
    I loved the movie and the fact that he’s SO HOT is an extra star.