You're Next

You're Next

By Adam Wingard

  • Genre: Horror
  • Release Date: 2013-08-23
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 34min
  • Director: Adam Wingard
  • Production Company: Snoot Entertainment
  • Production Country: United Kingdom, United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 7.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 2,395 Ratings


The Davisons' family reunion goes awry when their home comes under siege by a mask-wearing team of crossbow-bearing assailants.




  • You’re Next

    By Jonah LeDuc
    I loved this movie. It’s succeeded in making me mad in the beginning, and I was starting to be a little disappointed when I thought the bad guys would get away with it. But as I kept watching I realized that wasn’t going to be the case. Nice to see a movie where the bad guys actually get what’s coming to them and don’t get off on it. Awesome movie. I’ve watched it three times already
  • Great movie

    By doratonks07
    Loved the kick ass female lead. Great movie and awesome deaths. Funny moments were unexpected but welcomed.
  • The Slasher Returns!!!!!!!!

    You’re Next Is A Good Slasher Takes their time but is good to see a family and the twist the movie makes That I didn’t see in a movie horror movie is a really good movie with grisly deaths
  • Really really really unbelievably bad.

    By Fabeas19
    Worst movie in a long while.
  • One of the best home-invasion horror movies ever made

    By Bank of America_Knoxville
    YOU’RE NEXT is a 2011 home-invasion Horror film written by Simon Barrett & directed by Adam’s also one of the best Horror movies of the 2010s – and certainly among the best home-invasion films ever made. YOU’RE NEXT puts movies like, “The Strangers,” to shame. This movie delivers way more than the conceit of its subgenre has to offer, and then some. There are, predictably, some twists and turns throughout the film; but none of them are distracting, hard to believe, or diminish the viewing experience. What is most impressive about this movie is the re-watchability factor after nearly a decade. Even if you have already seen it, or know how it all ends because someone else spoiled it, you can STILL watch this movie rather frequently and be completely entertained – which in large part is thanks to the great writing and several great scenes by the director. [Oh and if you are one of those people who thinks, “The Strangers,” was a decent movie, I pity you. Go watch the Michael Haeneke film(s) from which that one was (poorly) ripped off, “Funny Games,” of which there are two versions: a 1997 and a 2007 edition. Both version of “Funny Games” are written & directed by Haeneke, and they are identical in almost every single way, shot-for-shot. The only difference being that the 2007 version was made for American audiences using known talented actors like Tim Roth, Naomi Watts, and Brady Corbett in the lead roles. Sorry for the rant, but every time I see some home-invasion movie come out and people comment about how “The Strangers” was “so scary” I die inside because The Strangers is literally the most boring weakest attempt I have ever seen in this subgenre of horror; so I implore you to seek out something like “Funny Games” if you actually want to watch a movie that depicts the abject trauma and terror that would psychologically ruin you if real people decided to break into a home, threaten a family, and pull no know – the way that home-invasions ACTUALLY OCCUR in real life. Not like the utter nonsense in, “The Strangers.”]
  • Pretty good

    By Ryi1988
    This movie was pretty good. There were so crazy twist in it. It’s like what? The acting was good. It was a little messy but that’s ok. It was a good movie.
  • One of All Time Best Horror Films

    By AppDevDude
    Really good movie. Unique and surprising. Ranks among the best. Surprised I hadn’t seen it until now.
  • Killers wearing masks

    By Grandma Kitties
    You jump, you scream, you hold your breath. I loved it. I love stories with unknown ‘what is going next?’.
  • It's bad it's good

    By sar511
    Buy this movie. It should be a horrible movie. The plot, the acting, the execution- all bad if not terrible. But it's so good! Even funny at some parts. It's really more of a slasher flick mixed with a dark comedy but seriously so good. And not a bad soundtrack either. I think the music is what made it good. The song from the beginning really stuck with me and just was the icing on the murder cake.
  • Terrible just terrible

    By Whydidiwatchthismovie
    This movie was awful!! The shaky cam was over used and the plot was terrible.. the characters were shallow and the whole thing felt forced!! Do yourself a favor and don't waste your money!! Rotten tomatoes does not have this movie right!