Benjamin Franklin: A Film by Ken Burns, Season 1

Benjamin Franklin: A Film by Ken Burns, Season 1

Benjamin Franklin: A Film by Ken Burns

  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • Release Date: 2022-04-04
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 3
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 4.99


Ken Burns’s four-hour documentary, Benjamin Franklin, explores the revolutionary life of one of the 18th century’s most consequential and compelling personalities, whose work and words unlocked the mystery of electricity and helped create the United States. “Write things worth reading,” he said in Poor Richard’s Almanack, “or do things worth the writing.” Benjamin Franklin did both.


Title Time Price
1 “Join or Die” (1706-1774) 1:53:46 USD 6.99 Buy on iTunes
2 “An American” (1775-1790) 1:53:19 USD 6.99 Buy on iTunes
3 Benjamin Franklin: A Film by Ken Burns T 00:32 Free Buy on iTunes



  • Another garbage PBS hit piece

    By bpowpow15
    Buyer Beware: This is PURE LEFTIST PROPAGANDA with a smidge of truth mixed in to give it a fake narrative. So sick of “historians” suddenly expecting every past American hero to live up to our BEYOND CRAZY 2022 standards. Benjamin Franklin is, & always will be, an American ICON, period.
  • Fantastic series based on Truth

    By Uclabru1
    We know that now in America Evidence and Truth are very difficult for the Republican Party to deal with, this series seems to be another issue for people who are brainwashed by Fox News and other fringe right wing lunatics. Excellent series that covers one of the most important rationalists in history, and the reality and truth is that the United States need more series like this and less fascist propaganda coming out of the fringe right wing party that wants to control you by what you watch, what you read, how you treat your body, and more. If you want a god historical series this is it.
  • Excellent

    By alvybabyhome
    Spot on. Mountain matters - shut up
  • No me gusta el concepto

    By mochiuwu63
    No me gusta
  • Franklin deserves better

    By Mountain Mater
    True to Ken Burns’ patently perfected mold, Benjamin Franklin reeks of left leaning historical propaganda mixed with just the right amount of unbiased historical fact to ensnare the unsuspecting quizzical mind. Yet another chapter in Gospel According to Burns. “Hey Ken, go fly a kite!”
  • Kurt

    By Wayne Rene' Lee
    Bing Google
  • Interesting but biased treatment of Mr. Franklin

    By cbarrick
    This was interesting but ultimately biased treatment of Mr. Franklin. Ken Burns has steadily moved away from even handed treatment of his subjects to injecting his work with a left-leaning slant that forgets his subjects lived in different times with different expectations. Could have been better.
  • Songs

    By Sana27227Noor
  • Impeccably researched/production

    By Mark Soph
    Benjamin was simply the most fascinating human in our Nation’s history. He discovered flippers for swimming, postal system and so many erudite nuggets showing his wisdom
  • ‏مشافي

    By ‏بابا شافي
    ‏أبا شافي